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Skin Care Bath and Shower Hair Care

Gardeners Hand Cream

Gardeners Hand Cream.

Contains honey, beeswax, wheatgerm, caster oil and comfrey oil. The cream helps form a barrier to protect the skin.

Gardeners Hand Cream with fragrance - 100g - £5.20 - Buy
Gardeners Hand Cream without fragrance - 100g - £5.20 - Buy
Order two Gardeners Hand Cream with fragrance - 100g - £9.99 - Buy
Order two Gardeners Hand Cream without fragrance - 100g - £9.99 - Buy

Day Cream

Day Cream.

This rich cream contains honey, beeswax, a blend of natural oils and aloe vera. Beneficial to those with a dry sensitive skin.

Day Cream with fragrance - 50g - £5.20 -Buy
Day Cream with fragrance - 100g - £6.90 -Buy
Day Cream without fragrance - 50g - £5.20 -Buy
Day Cream without fragrance - 100g - £6.90 -Buy

Night Cream

Night Cream.

Contains honey, beeswax, almond oil and aloe vera. Softens and adds elasticity to the skin. The benefit of soft skin is felt by regular use.

Night Cream with fragrance - 50g - £5.25 -Buy
Night Cream with fragrance - 100g - £6.90 -Buy
Night Cream without fragrance - 50g - £5.25 -Buy
Night Cream without fragrance - 100g - £6.90 -Buy

Hand Cream

Hand Cream.

Contains honey, beeswax, wheatgerm oil, comfrey oil containing alantoin, aloe vera and vitamin E. Particularly good for dry chapped hands.

Hand Cream with fragrance - 50g - £4.10 -Buy
Hand Cream with fragrance - 100g - £5.30 -Buy
Hand Cream without fragrance - 50g - £4.10 -Buy
Hand Cream without fragrance - 100g - £5.30 -Buy

Foot Massage Cream.

A cream, with Oil of Lemongrass and Wheatgerm, that may well help to ease tired muscles and soften patches of hard skin around the heel and the ball of the foot.

Foot Massage Cream - 50g - £5.10 - Buy
Foot Massage Cream - 100g - £6.75 - Buy

Cleansing Lotion

Cleansing Lotion. (With Cucumber)
A blend of honey, beeswax and natural oils to remove makeup, allowing the skin to feel clean and fresh.
Cleansing Lotion - 250ml - £6.80 -Buy

Skin Toner

Skin Toner. (With Rosewater)
Use after the cleansing lotion to freshen the skin.
Skin Toner - 250ml - £5.40 - Buy

Body Lotion.
A daily all over moisturiser beneficial after bathing, shower or exposure to sun. A very soft gentle lotion with honey and aloe vera. Restores softness.
Body Lotion - 250ml - £7.40 - Buy

Propolis Cream

Propolis Cream.

Propolis is collected by bees - see the article on propolis. This cream also contains honey.

Propolis Cream - 50g - £5.25 - Buy
Propolis Cream - 100g - £9.95 - Buy

Propolis Tinture

Tinture of Propolis.

Propolis in liquid form.
Tinture of Propolis - 30ml - £5.15 - Buy

Bath and Shower

Bath and Shower
Shower Gel

Get up and go with this invigorating and moisturising gel. Natural oils and aloe vera. Cleans and refreshes.

Shower Gel - 250ml - £4.45 -

Foam Bath

Soft and gentle, aloe vera, honey and apricot oil provides a beautiful aroma, whilst having a relaxing bath.

Foam Bath - 250ml - £4.30 - Buy

Bath and Shower

Hand Made Soap

Containing Honey and Tea Tree Oil.

Hand Made Soap - 75g - £1.99 - Buy

Liquid Soap

Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash

This gentle soap contains Tea Tree oil, renowned for its anti-bacterial qualities, and honey to act as an emollient to nourish and protect the skin.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash - 250ml - £3.95 - Buy

Liquid Soap

Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash - Refill - 250ml - £3.65 - Buy


Anti-Persperant and Deodorant

A gentle and reliable deodorant with a hint of fragrance.

Anti-Persperant and Deodorant - 50ml - £2.15 - Buy

Hair Care



This rich and creamy shampoo contains honey and coconut oil to help restore the natural structure and balance. Ideal for all types of hair.

Shampoo - 250ml - £3.30 -

Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner
Contains honey and is suitable for all hair types.

Hair Conditioner - 250ml - £3.95 - Buy

Skin Care Bath and Shower Hair Care

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